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Givin’ you car premium treatment

Why stop at just one proper wash when you can have the attention of our car wash professionals for an entire month?

Cruising around town in a shiny, sparkling car all the time requires consistency — and that’s what Sunpass offers.

Not just that, Sunpass also saves you lots of money. Rather than splurge $5 on every wash 9-10 ten times a week, purchase our monthly membership pass to wash every day for an entire month!

General Perks

Daily wash for a month!

One payment to cover an entire month of car cleaning.

Automated monthly payment

We’ll take care of renewing your payment for you. Easy to cancel your subscription at any time.

No contract

No paperwork needed eh. We already took care of that. 

Special Perks

We have three classes of Sunpass stickers — Basic Wash, Deluxe Wash & Super Wash.

Basic Wash

$39.99 + tax for each month, billed monthly

Deluxe Wash

$44.99 + tax for each month, billed monthly

Super Wash

$49.99 + tax for each month, billed monthly

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