Wash cards & gift certificates are up for grabs too!

Give your family and friends the gift of a polished-to-perfection car

A different kind of gift certificate

Are you looking for a gift idea to celebrate something special with those you love?

Look no further than a gift certificate issued by Sunshine Super Wash. 

Recipients of our gift certificates can choose from selected services and enjoy access to the best car cleaning professionals in Orillia.

You can buy gift certificates for the following services:

Auto Detailing

This gift certificate is perfect for a recipient who appreciates a car looking like it drove straight out of a luxurious showroom.

Our auto detailers know how to restore and keep a car in mint condition. Everything from interior detailing services to exterior ones is included in this certificate.

Car Wash

A simple, well-executed car wash should never be underestimated. Gift your loved ones a time at our special car wash center. 

We promise that it’ll be a beautiful experience for them. Our staff knows how to get a car gleaming and glowing, but they also know how to keep our customers engaged throughout the process. 

More than a car wash gift!


There’s always that one friend who doesn’t take refueling seriously and ends up running out of gas more often than they’d like to admit.

To help them out, we suggest our gas gift certificate, which could be a more effective way to get them to refuel. After all, it’s hard to ignore a gift certificate that’s already been paid for, right?

Pet Wash

Have you got friends with pets? Trick question. Of course, with the number of pets we see outdoors every day, the answer’s yes.

Surprise your family, friends, and their pets with a Sunshine Petwash gift certificate. Our self-serve pet wash bay is convenient and practical. Quite truthfully, it’s the best place to give your pet a most thorough wash.


Recipients of our store gift certificates can shop for car accessories and car cleaning tools in our multi-purpose store.

Don’t forget the wash cards!

BEST OFFER: Card of 10 – Buy 8 washes and get 2 FREE!

When you purchase 8 washes for any wash package (Basic, Deluxe & Super), you get 2 for free. 

Your car will never stay dirty for long when you wash with us. That’s our dream — and it is what we live for.