Self-Serve Bays

For the “do-it-yourself” customer, we have 8 self-serve bays that offer a wide assortment of wash selections, as well as heavy-duty vacuums. Both these services are available 24 hours a day as well! The wash is only $4 to start.

Our self-serve bays feature

Sunshine Self-Serve accepts Credit / Debit and Apple Pay in our bays. No more scrounging around for that change! Pull up, Tap/Swipe your card and get washing! $7 for 7 Minutes 28 Seconds.  Adds $1 automatically up to $12 in Total or press end.

Line of Chemical – Mondo Products Canada
Specialty Soap – Ceramic C-Force FastWax, Red Polish, BugAway (Summer), Salt Eliminator (Winter)

Wash your car exactly how you want it — without stress

Love washing your car yourself? We support you!

Amazing + Well-equipped

Every driver has unique cleaning needs — we know that. That’s exactly why we offer self-serve bays that allow you to wash your car exactly how you want it. 

Our self-serve bays are equipped with all the tools and supplies you need to clean your car to perfection. 

The bays are equipped with high-pressure washers, foaming brushes, spot-free rinses, and a variety of cleaning solutions (from Mondo Products Canada) and waxes, allowing you to wash, scrub, and polish your car to a perfect shine.

How Our Self-serve Bays Work 

Using our self-serve bays is easy — simply drive your car into the bay and select the wash program that best meets your needs. 
Our devices are fully functional and allow you to choose from a range of cleaning options including pre-soak, foam brush and rinse.

We’re open and available 24 hours every day! 

With EIGHT self-serve bays always ready to serve, there should be no problem finding an open slot whenever you visit. 

The whole wash process is fast — unless you prefer to take your time.

And with our spot-free rinses, you can be sure that your car will be left looking spotless and streak-free every time.

If you’re looking for a convenient and effective car wash solution, be sure to check out our self-serve bays at Sunshine Super Wash today or whenever you’ve got time!

Seamless payment framework 

Your credit/debit card is good enough for us. No change needed!

Sunshine Self-serve accepts Apple pay and credit/debit card payments. 

Just pull up in your ride, swipe your card and get washing!


Save some change, we’ve got a self-serve wash that costs $4 to start. 

If you need more time, you can top up to wash for longer. With our coin-operated machine, you can top up with $1 for as many times as you want.

But, if you’re paying with a paymet card, you can only do a $1 top-up 5 times.rve pump you can use. It’s effective, easy to use, and might just be the best pump that’s ever served your vehicle.